Three Ways To Recycle Your Old Broken Garage Door Springs

So you removed and replaced your old, broken garage door springs. Now you have springs laying on your workshop table or on the concrete floor of your garage and you are probably wondering what you should do with them. It is not as though you or anyone else could reuse them as garage door springs, so what do you do with them? The following ways to recycle your springs might jumpstart some ideas of your own.

Having Trouble With Pests? Consider Getting Replacement Doors

A trail of ants or a beetle scurrying across your floor could be caused by the doors in your home being in poor condition. Even if the appearance of the doors themselves may seem fine, there could be issues upon closer examination that need to be addressed. Poor insulation or cracks in the doors should be taken care of immediately due to the opening that they provide for pests to get indoors.

How To Maintain Your Garage Door Springs So They Last Longer

Your garage door springs will gradually wear out over time. How long they last depends on how often you open your garage door every day and how well you maintain the door. While you may not be able to control how much you use the door, you can control how well you take care of it. Here are a few things you can do to keep your springs from wearing out so fast.

Tips For Cleaning Your New Vinyl Windows

By improving your property value, curb appeal and energy efficiency, your vinyl windows are both an asset and an investment. Following proper cleaning procedures is an important part of maintaining that investment. Follow these tips to ensure that your vinyl windows continue to function and look their best for years to come.  Standard Exterior Cleaning Procedure Rain water will keep the exterior of your windows looking good most of the time.