Tips For Cleaning Your New Vinyl Windows

By improving your property value, curb appeal and energy efficiency, your vinyl windows are both an asset and an investment. Following proper cleaning procedures is an important part of maintaining that investment. Follow these tips to ensure that your vinyl windows continue to function and look their best for years to come. 

Standard Exterior Cleaning Procedure

Rain water will keep the exterior of your windows looking good most of the time. When rain water isn't enough, sometimes a gentle spray of water from the hose will do the job.  

If the windows remain dirty after washing them with the hose, use a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Dip a microfiber cloth into the soapy water, then wipe down the window and rinse with a gentle spray from the hose. Do not use a high pressure hose to direct a spray of water at the window, as this may cause the caulking or other elements of the window to crack. For hard-to-reach windows, use a clean, light-weight rag mop or a long-handled, soft-bristle brush instead of a microfiber cloth. 

Interior Cleaning Procedure

To clean the interior of your vinyl windows, use a microfiber cloth and mild detergent mixed with soap. Wipe down the windows, then dry them with a separate microfiber cloth. 

Cleaning Tips

You can clean dried paint from your vinyl windows using the edge of a plastic food scraper or credit card to scrape the paint off the surface of the window. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or abrasive cleaning scrubbers on the windows because this could damage the frame and void your warranty. 

To remove sticky substances like grease and oil, use a rag dipped in mineral spirits. Rinse the mineral spirits off of the windows with a mild detergent, then wipe away the soap with a dry microfiber cloth.  

Finally, read the manufacturer's instructions that came with your windows, and familiarize yourself with the information found in the warranty. These documents will outline correct and incorrect ways to care for your vinyl windows. Following the proper procedure will ensure that your warranty will remain in effect for the longest possible amount of time. 

If you have questions about the care of your vinyl windows, speak with a representative from the contractor who installed the windows. By following the advice from the experts, and by performing proper cleaning and maintenance, your vinyl windows will continue to be an asset for many years to come.