How To Maintain Your Garage Door Springs So They Last Longer

Your garage door springs will gradually wear out over time. How long they last depends on how often you open your garage door every day and how well you maintain the door. While you may not be able to control how much you use the door, you can control how well you take care of it. Here are a few things you can do to keep your springs from wearing out so fast.

Lubricate The Springs And Rollers

Your garage door springs and other moving parts need to be oiled regularly. If they get too dry, rust may develop and cause the metal to deteriorate. Plus, the springs may catch or your garage door will get stuck and put pressure on the springs. You can avoid these problems by lubricating your garage door every few months. You can run your finger in the track along the rollers to see if it feels dry. Look at your springs and judge if they look dry or rusty.

Buy a spray lubricant designed for use on garage doors and springs. Spray it on the springs and allow it to seep down between the coils. Also oil the track and rollers. Then, raise and lower the garage door a few times to spread the oil around.

Look For Signs Of Wear

While you may not be able to make garage door repairs yourself, you should still inspect the door occasionally so you can call a professional, like Crawford Door Company, at the right time. Examine the springs and cables that attach to your door. Look for metal burrs, fraying, and rust. While some wear is to be expected, if the wear seems excessive, you should call a professional before your springs or cables snap. Check the garage door track too. Make sure it isn't bent or blocked with debris. You want the rollers to move freely along the track when the springs engage the door. Also check the screws on the track to make sure the track is held securely in place and not wobbling when the door is in motion.

To assess the condition of the springs, disconnect your door from the automatic opener. Open and close the door manually. It should be easy to raise and slide up and down. Next, close the door and then raise it a few feet. Let go of the door and see what happens. The door should not move very much when you let go of it. If it drops quite a bit, it's a sign of a weak spring, and you should have it inspected and possibly replaced.

Set a schedule for checking your garage door and springs. By keeping your door oiled and in good repair, you'll get the longest life possible out of your springs.