Things To Think About When Choosing Glass Windows And Doors For Your Storefront

The windows and doors on your storefront serve two purposes. They give potential customers the first impression of your store as they approach, and they also set the interior mood. You have several choices when it comes to picking the style of storefront you want. For example, if you choose a glass storefront where the doors and windows merge, then your main decision will be the type of glass you'll use.

Three Ways To Recycle Your Old Broken Garage Door Springs

So you removed and replaced your old, broken garage door springs. Now you have springs laying on your workshop table or on the concrete floor of your garage and you are probably wondering what you should do with them. It is not as though you or anyone else could reuse them as garage door springs, so what do you do with them? The following ways to recycle your springs might jumpstart some ideas of your own.

Having Trouble With Pests? Consider Getting Replacement Doors

A trail of ants or a beetle scurrying across your floor could be caused by the doors in your home being in poor condition. Even if the appearance of the doors themselves may seem fine, there could be issues upon closer examination that need to be addressed. Poor insulation or cracks in the doors should be taken care of immediately due to the opening that they provide for pests to get indoors.