3 Types Of Commercial Door Damage You Will Encounter

The door to your commercial space sees a lot of use during the course of a day. Over time, this excessive use can take a toll on the integrity of the door itself. It is inevitable that you will need to invest in some commercial door repairs at some point in the future.

Having an idea of the types of door damage you should expect will help you better maintain your commercial door.

1. Warping 

Exposure to heat can cause your commercial door to warp. Materials like steel, aluminum, and wood are all sensitive to heat. Coincidentally, these are the materials commonly used to construct commercial doors.

Warping occurs when temperature fluctuations cause your commercial door to expand and contract. Eventually, this movement will cause the door to lose its shape.

The only way to repair a warped door is to replace it with a new one. If your commercial door is in a location that sees a lot of direct sunlight, consider a warp-resistant door when replacing your old door.

2. Hardware Fatigue

All commercial doors have hardware that is designed to facilitate the function of the door.

The more the door is opened and closed, the more stress is placed on the hardware. You can expect your commercial door handle and hinges to become fatigued over time.

It's important that you recognize the signs of hardware fatigue so that you can invest in repairs before the door becomes a serious safety hazard. If the handle feels loose or the door no longer hangs evenly, you should replace the existing handle and hinges.

3. Panel Damage 

Larger commercial doors are usually made of several different panels that join together. The condition of each of these panels can determine how efficiently the door functions as a whole.

It is common for a commercial door panel to sustain some damage over time. You may see dents or scratches in some of your door panels, or you could even see punctures and holes in these panels.

You will want to have damaged panels replaced as quickly as possible to avoid malfunctions or damage to the surrounding panels. Damaged panels also have the potential to weaken the integrity of your commercial door, so repairing these panels immediately will help you maintain the security of your commercial space.

Don't let commercial door damage get you down. Invest in any repairs needed to keep your door functioning properly.

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