Points To Consider When You Shop For Sliding Shower Doors

Remodeling your shower to feature sliding glass doors can make an enormous difference in how this part of the bathroom looks. When you visit a store that specializes in shower doors, you'll have fun choosing what type of glass you want and how the doors will look. This is a good time to also assess a number of other details that will ensure you're happy with your purchase. The showroom at your local store will have several sliding doors on display, which will allow you to test a few to get a sense of how they operate. Here are some points to consider while you shop.

Sliding Ease

You're going to be sliding the glass door of your shower open and closed countless times in the years ahead, and you want this process to be as easy as possible. There are a number of different factors that can influence whether a glass shower door slides easily or not. One factor is the weight of the door. Heavier doors typically require more effort to slide. If you're elderly or you otherwise find heavy things hard to move, you might favor a lighter door that slides more easily. The wheels and other sliding hardware will also influence the ease with which a door slides. Talk to a salesperson to learn about their recommendation for the best hardware that the store has available.


Even though running a shower obviously produces sound, you'll likely want your shower door to slide open and closed as quietly as possible. If you often get up early and shower while other family members are sleeping, you don't want the rumble of a noisy sliding door to be a disturbance. Lots of sliding doors can open and close almost silently. Ensuring that your door has the right design and hardware for a quiet operation will help you to avoid worrying that you're making too much noise in a quiet house.


Sliding shower doors can have all sorts of different handles. When you shop, you'll get to check out several different designs. Be sure to look for one that will be a good match to the other hardware in your bathroom. If you have a lot of chrome in this space, a chrome handle may be suitable, for example. You'll also want to think about what size of handle is suitable. If the shower is small, a low-profile handle won't take up too much space. Visit a shower door store to learn more.