Commercial Warehouse Loading Dock Doors Need Proper Maintenance

It's important for your warehouse to have dock equipment and doors that are functioning properly at all times. However, this is a part of warehouses that often tends to get overlooked, which can lead to serious issues. Here, you can learn more about the importance of making sure the dock doors and other doors are properly functioning at all times throughout the business space:

Malfunctioning doors and loading dock doors can be dangerous

Any door in the business space that is malfunctioning can be a danger, especially those that have a lot of weight to them. If they slam shut when they shouldn't and someone happens to be in the way, then this can lead to a serious injury. Dock doors can also be extremely dangerous if they should end up coming down when they aren't supposed to. 

Workers are often within close proximity to the dock doors because they are loading or unloading trucks, which is generally done by moving the products to or from the trucks into the warehouse through those loading docks. The doors are typically right overhead and can be extremely heavy. 

 Malfunctioning loading dock doors can affect productivity

If a loading dock door is malfunctioning, then that loading dock may end up being temporarily unusable. This can be extremely problematic depending on the number of loading docks your warehouse has and the number of trucks that need to be loaded or unloaded. This can cause a backup of trucks waiting to unload products or waiting to pick up products. 

This setback can also cause problems for the truck drivers who have deadlines to meet and other companies who are waiting for the products to arrive from your warehouse. When you run a business you don't want to have something happen that can cause so many problems for so many entities because it can cause your company to lose contracts. Regular inspections and routine maintenance of the loading dock doors is something that can significantly decrease the chances of you finding yourself dealing with this type of issue.

Now that you have a better picture of how preventable loading dock door problems are and how many ways issues with doors can negatively impact your staff's well-being, and your companies productivity and relationships with other companies, you will likely want to make sure you stay on top of having the doors regularly maintained. Contact a commercial door maintenance service for more information.